Here’s a few interviews with Aaron at the 2014 British Academy Television Awards, in London.

Check out this clip of Aaron Paul dancing from the movie Decoding Annie Parker!

Here are a some press junkets interview videos of Aaron during the promotion of ‘Need For Speed’ movie. Check them out!

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Aaron Paul hosted WWE’s Monday Night Raw live from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, on March 3. He made a grand entrance into the stadium in his Need for Speed Mustang with WWE Superstar and ringside partner for the night, Dolph Ziggler.

Paul took a seat at the announcer’s table to commentate during the match and ended up in a taunting match with Del Rio, helping Ziggler grab a win. Paul joined Ziggler in the ring for a celebration, and the crowd broke out into “Jesse Pinkman” chants. (source)

A big thanks to Carol for helping me with some photos.


Interviews & TV Appearances > WWE: Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio (2014.03.03)

WWE Aaron Paul por shayne_roos

Aaron made an appearance on Conan O’Brien last week to promote his new film, Need for Speed. Check a few clips of the interview below:

A few weeks ago, Aaron was spotted appearing on Despierta America and Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his new film Need For Speed. Check the HQ stills in the gallery and below the video of Aaron at Jimmy, unfortunately I didn’t find the video of him at Despierta America. Much thanks to CourtneyKierra for some photos.


Interviews & TV Appearances > Despierta America (2014.03.10)
Interviews & TV Appearances > Jimmy Kimmel Live (2014.03.06)