Hello there. I’m Karen, the new owner of Aaron Paul Online.

I’m owner of a few fansites so I’m happy now to be admin here.

I know the site is not as updated as I’d like, but I will try my best, so hello again!

Hello to everyone,

I just adopted this site so, my name is Milena, I’m new owner. You can know my other fansites that I have here. I am big fan of Aaron Paul because of Breaking Bad. So sad to see this fansite was abandoned. I’ll update a lot of information, a lot of new pictures and more.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy! 🙂


YO! Happy Birthday Mr. Paul

On behalf of Aaron Paul Online, we would like to wish you all the best, a lots of success & happiness. Have a wonderful day and many many MANY more great things come to you and the ones you love! We appreciate everything you do for us! You are truly amazing!

Love from all your fans

Finally, Aaron-Paul.org has a new layout. Both themes was designed by the amazing and super talented Yukiko at Develop12.org! I hope you love it just as much as I do. Leave a reply and tell us what you think!

Today, Aaron Paul celebrates his 33rd birthday! So here at Aaron Paul Online hope he has a great and relaxing day with his loved ones, that the year ahead brings him lots of happiness and success. Thank you for all you do on the show, for your fans and for being so awesome. We do all appreciate it.

Feel free to leave your birthday wishes for Aaron by posting at comment at APO.

Hello all!! Welcome to Aaron Paul Online, your newest source for the handsome Aaron Paul! There’s still lots to be done, but the basic is done and ready to see. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or if you’d like to help out the site in any way, news, information, pictures, etc, are always welcome and will be given credit. Thanks and i hope you enjoy the site! (: