Aaron Paul talks about his new film “Hellion” and what he was like as a teenager.

Aaron Paul & Kat Candler, appeared on Huffington Post Live to promote his new movie ‘Hellion’. The actor talked about the recent Walter White revelations and share his secrets to a happy marriage.

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Aaron Paul and Josh Wiggins sat down with Emma Brown during the Sundance Film Festival and talked about their new movie, Hellion.

EMMA BROWN: I apologize, I’m probably going to ask you the same questions you’ve been answering all day.

JOSH WIGGINS: That’s all right, it makes us sound smart. [laughs]

BROWN: Josh, I heard that Kat Candler discovered you through a series of YouTube videos. Can you tell me about these videos? What were you doing?

WIGGINS: It was just these little series that me and my friends made for fun. We did little Law and Order spoofs, little action videos.

BROWN: Have people started to look them up now that you’re in Hellion?

WIGGINS: I hope so.

AARON PAUL: Yeah, how many views?

WIGGINS: I don’t know; I’ll have to check. That’d be sweet. The old ones are really stupid. I’m just going to throw that out there. We started in fourth grade.

PAUL: That’s so great. And so adorable.

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Here’s a few interviews with Aaron at the 2014 British Academy Television Awards, in London.

Here are a some press junkets interview videos of Aaron during the promotion of ‘Need For Speed’ movie. Check them out!

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VeryAware (along with a few other journalists) spoke to Paul at the film’s press day in Los Angeles where he spoke about everything from his dream car, to having a “no bitch clause,” to being addicted to the titular video game.

Q: It must have been an actor’s dream to work on this film; You’ve got some meaty drama, plus, you get to drive fast cars and smash them up.
It was just that and that’s why I jumped into it. I was doing such heavy stuff for so long. After BREAKING BAD, I wanted to jump into something that has… Even though this does have heavy elements to it, I wanted to do something that’s just lighter and fun. And also had a good story. Yeah, it was a blast.

Q: How much training did you do in the actual cars?
In those actual cars not much. Because the picture cars, they were working on those until right before we started shooting. I did as much seat time as I could get my hands on. I was on the track at Willow Springs – it’s right outside of L.A.- which you all should go out because it’s a blast. You can go and either use one of their cars or get a car and have a track day. Or you can do what I did – a three day stunt course and learn how to do 360’s and go around corners and do reverse 180’s. Learning how to drive around a track at 80 miles-per-hour. It’s just ridiculous but you’re really learning how to get out of problematic situations is the main thing. Safety was their biggest priority. I was shooting the final season of the show while I was training for this. You can see, if you watch the show during the final season, you could see Jesse starting to get a little bigger. I was so used to playing a character that was so severely underweight. If I was gonna do this film, I needed to gain a bunch of weight. So I gained about 30-35 pounds and you see that during the course of the final season. Anyways, that was hard. I was used to only eating about once a day to stay that skinny. I had to go from that to eating four times a day, to six times a day, to eight times a day. That was probably the hardest part of this whole thing – trying to eat that much.

Q: How was it being the only one in the movie who doesn’t say “bitch”? Is there a clause where you can’t say it anywhere else?
[laughs] I wanted to so bad. They were against it. No. Yeah. That’s so funny.

Q: You got to drive some really awesome cars – from old school to high tech. Which was the one you felt was most rewarding?
My favorite car hands down was the ’68 Grand Torino. There was two but Troy Gilbert, Lance’s brother, destroyed it during one of the races. So now there’s only one remaining and God I want it so bad. It’s so beautiful!”

Q: Which was your favorite driving scene to do?
Probably the first Macon race. In Macon, Georgia, sorry – the Mt. Kisco race – right after the drive-in movie theater. We were shooting a closed off, downtown set in Macon, GA and they let me do a lot of my driving. I was drifting into a corner, go down an alleyway, go into a parking structure, coming out of the structure and actually getting air and feeling the bottom of the car scrape against the ground. It was just so much fun. Plus, I was drivin’ that Torino around. God, I just wanted to take that thing so bad.

Q: When you were told there was no CG, were you scared or really excited?
I was really excited. I’m such a huge fan of films I believe started the genre back in the day. I’m sure Scott’s talked to you about it. Like BULLITT, SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT. I was such a huge fan of Steve McQueen. Watching those movies, you can just tell it’s those people driving those cars. There’s no CGI because there was no CGI. I loved that. I thought it was very brave. It was great to have these guys holding the reigns because Scott (a second generation stuntman) and Lance, our stunt coordinator (a third generation stuntman), they knew what they were doing.

Q: Have you played the video game?
I have, yeah. It’s actually been years. Need For Speed was the first iPhone app that I downloaded. I was a fan of the game. They made 18 of these things. That was the first game I downloaded when I made the transition from Blackberry to iPhone. I had to erase it because it drained my battery so quickly because I was constantly playing it. It was so addicting.

Q: What was your knowledge about cars before this – total grease monkey or novice?
I wasn’t a grease monkey at all but I love cars. I have a classic car, myself – a ’65 Shelby Cobra. I’ve had it for about four years. I love it. She’s my baby. The fact that the star of this film, car-wise, is a Shelby is pretty cool.