Watch the clip titled “Shiner” for the film Hellion, where Hollis (Aaron Paul) asks his son Jacob (Josh Wiggins) where he got his black eye, and is relieved to hear he did not fight back.


IMDb released a new clip from Hellion, featuring Aaron Paul, Juliette Lewis, Josh Wiggins and Deke Garner. Enjoy!!

We from APO just received a e-mail giving some news about the movie ‘Hellion’ to share to all fans, check below:

To the Aaron Paul fans behind Aaron Paul Online,

We’re excited to announce we’ll be opening Hellion at the IFC Center in New York City and on VOD on June 13th! Bust out your sharpies and mark your calendars! We’ll have special guests for select screenings at the IFC Center.

As so many of you know, it’s incredibly important for us to have a successful opening weekend to book more theaters and reach wider audiences. Not to mention, we want to prove we can stand tall next to the goliaths of the summer blockbusters. We may not have any monsters, robots or superheroes in our film, but we do have Metallica, motocross, Aaron Paul, teenage boys setting things on fire and a whole lot of heart!

Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul stars in this riveting drama about a family under siege. Hard-drinking Texas single dad Hollis (Paul) struggles to raise his two boys, including rebellious teenager Jacob (first-time actor Josh Wiggins in a stunning breakthrough performance). Seething with anger, Jacob finds release in the high-risk, white-knuckle world of motocross—but his increasingly reckless behavior threatens to spin out of control. Academy Award nominee Juliette Lewis co-stars in this thrilling saga of fathers and sons that builds towards a heart-stopping climax, all set to an electrifying heavy metal soundtrack.

I hope you can join me in supporting Hellion and keeping indie films alive!

Thanks so much!

 Here’s the trailer and the poster image.


Here is our schedule of release dates. We hope you will share this with your friends and fellow fans.

6/20 Los Angeles, CA, Arena Cinema (2-Week Run) – WITH SPECIAL GUESTS
6/20 Miami, FL, O’Cinemas Miami Shores
6/27 Austin, TX, Violet Crown – WITH SPECIAL GUESTS
6/27 Dallas, TX, Texas Theater (Weekend Run) – WITH SPECIAL GUESTS
6/27 Palm Desert, CA, Cinemas Palme D’Or
6/27 Scottsdale, AZ, Shea 14
7/2 Washington DC, West End Cinemas
7/4 Houston, TX, Sundance Cinemas – WITH SPECIAL GUESTS
7/4 Seattle, WA, Sundance Cinemas
7/4 San Francisco, CA, Roxie Theater – WITH SPECIAL GUESTS
7/4 Denver, CO, SIE Film Center
7/4 Detroit, MI, Cinema Detroit
7/11 New Orleans, LA, Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center
7/11 Ann Arbor, MI, Michigan Theater
7/11 Santa Fe, NM, CCA Cinemateque
7/13 Tallahassee, FL, Challenger Learning Center IMAX (1-Night Only) – WITH SPECIAL GUESTS
7/18 San Diego, CA Digital Gym Cinema
8/8 Jacksonville, FL, Sun-Ray Cinema – WITH SPECIAL GUESTS

Below see what the critics are saying about the movie:

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Check out below the first trailer & poster for the movie “Hellion”

Aaron Paul leads the film as the hard-drinking Hollis, a single dad still mourning the loss of his wife, and trying to raise his two sons, including the rebellious teenager Jacob (played by newcomer Josh Wiggins). And when the latter hellraiser gets involved in the high-risk, white-knuckle world of motocross, things threaten to spin out of control.

“Hellion” opens in New York and Los Angeles and on VOD on June 13th.


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Sundance Selects has acquired North American rights to Kat Candler’s “Hellion,” a month after its world premiere at Sundance.

“Hellion” will be released later this year theatrically and on VOD. The film stars Aaron Paul, Juliette Lewis and Josh Wiggins (pictured above) and was produced by Kelly Williams and Jonathan Duffy.

“Hellion,” directed by Candler from her own screenplay, follows a 13-year-old Jacob Wilson (Wiggins in his feature film debut) who is obsessed with heavy metal, dirt bike racing and partaking in the occasional act of vandalism with his band of delinquents. Paul plays his father who’s still reeling from the loss of his wife.

“Hellion” was executive produced by Jeff Nichols, Sarah Green, Janice Beard, Tanner Beard, Suzanne Weinert, and co-executive produced by Aaron Paul. The film features a soundtrack with songs from Metallica, Slayer and The Sword.

The deal for the film was negotiated by Arianna Bocco for Sundance Selects/IFC Films with UTA Independent Film Group on behalf of the filmmakers.


Here are a some interviews I’ve found so far from the festival

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Aaron Paul are currently shooting the indie drama Hellion with Juliette Lewis in Port Arthur, TX. Following her short film Hellion, director Kat Candler is turning it into a feature-length version.

Paul shared details on the film:

It’s a film called Hellion. It’s the same producing team that did Take Shelter and Mud — it’s their next project. It surrounds this family, this emotionally absent father who is trying to raise these two boys alone because he lost his wife in a tragic car accident a year before the story starts. It’s a 10-year-old and a 13-year-old [and] I play this emotionally absent father whose trying to raise these two boys.
The 13-year-old misses his mom, he doesn’t have really have a father because he’s not there raising them, so he’s just a hellion — lighting cars on fire, just completely out there. It looks like he’s going to drag his young brother with him, who is just this sweet, young, innocent. So the younger boy gets taken away and put into the system because the house that he’s being raised in is just not a good place to be raised in. The story is really the father desperately trying to get his boy back and tame his oldest. It’s a beautiful story.