I have added 2 brand new sets of candids of Aaron out and about in Hollywood and Vancouver accompanied by his Come and Find Me co-star Annabelle Wallis. Huge thanks to my friend Gabby for some of these.




Aaron is back to L.A. He was seen on June 29 with his wife Lauren. You can find some pictures in the gallery:


Aaron was seen arriving at Logan Airport in Boston, on June 22. Paul is in town where he’s filming scenes for the film ‘Central Intelligence



Our gallery has been updated with photos of Aaron on the set of “Central Intelligence” with his co-stars Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson & Kevin Hart in Boston, Massachusetts, on June 17.



Thanks to my amazing friends Gabby (Anna Chlumsky Online) & Jasper (Martin Wallström Online), I’ve added some of Aaron’s most recent candids that were missing to our gallery.



I’ve updated the gallery with new candid pictures of Aaron out and about last week, enjoy:

Hi guys, as you can see, I added several candids of Aaron over the years, I won’t post the pages here, because there more than 600 added and still missing some, but I’ll post them at facebook, so make sure to like your page Aaron Paul Online, the links will be there.

Much thanks to my dearest friend Gabby for the help, check the most recent and amazing sites of her, Jennifer Connelly Daily & Paul Bettany Network.



I’ve added some candids we were missing of Aaron in the gallery. A giant thank you to the my friend Gabby, who always help me here.