Check out this clip of Aaron Paul dancing from the movie Decoding Annie Parker!

EW just released an exclusive poster for the movie “Decoding Annie Parker” as you can see it below.

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Another trailer for “Decoding Annie Parker” was released. Be sure to watch it below.

“DAP” opening in theaters on May 2, 2014

Based on a true story. Two women on remarkable journeys over 15 years. The brave, very funny and always irreverent Anne Parker watches her family stalked and devastated by a cruel illness, and as singular her spirit she is still deeply affected as she is left virtually alone in the world. Mary Claire King, a brilliant geneticist believes there is a genetic link to the type of cancer that afflicts people like Annie but few believe her and even fewer support her. As the years pass the illness reaches Annie and changes not only her body, but her relationship with her husband and her son, both little equipped to deal with the mayhem that descends upon them. Remarkably, Annie rises up and fights against the odds as she is dealt blow upon blow, learning as she goes something that she believes might save her. Dr. King also meets many seemingly insuperable obstacles, but managers to find something of unimaginable significance as slowly, inexorably these two women stories begin to converge, until the final, heroic, and uplifting final.